Fine Arts


Frin graphics has a strong background in illustration arts and design. Our designer are well versed in foundation lighting and form as well as drafting. At Frin Graphics we provide a variety of different illustration services such as Novel, Comic, Magazine, Environment and Character Illustration. Please call or E-mail us for more information.


Photo Restoration

Scanning: $5 Per page, $10 Per Film  
Some say that photos are our connection to the past. We at Frin Graphics hold that belief as Truth. However, much like the past, photos fray and tear, they become cloudy and discolored as other parts disappear all together. Photo restoration is an art in and of itself and at Frin Graphics you photos are precious to us. We work tirelessly to make sure you're old photos look better than the day they were taken, because photos aren't just photos, they're memories, they're history. Photo CDs are $20.



We produce bold, quirky and humorous images that are perfect for explaining concepts. We are able to recreate all sort of environments while carefully harmonizing colors, shadows and light. Each frame is a strong and unique illustration. We offer Comp and Concept Art, Set Sketches and Production Design illustration. If you don’t specifically see what you’re looking for on our site, contact us and we will email you samples.
Storyboards starting at $100/per frame.

  • Its depend on original photo quality and needs. Most photos take 2-3 days. Our designers poses professional understanding of lighting and human anatomy, guaranteeing quality restoration.

    Our retouch team is not only literate in the leading graphic software, but also have a solid hand-drawing and painting background. We can guarantee that your precious art or photographs will be looking brand-new, because we have the benefit of fifteen years of fine art training.

  • Frin Graphics designers have over a decade worth of experience in the fine arts field. Our designers have worked in both Berkeley and Dubai and have formal training in foundation and advanced illustration and painting.

    When you work with Frin Graphic designers you're working with skilled artists with experience in literary, film, and advertising illustration.

  • Illustration work typically varies per client and job description. Book illustration can typically take anywhere between 6-20 weeks, where photo restoration and storyboards only take 2-6 days.

    For more information please call or come in for consultation. Job length is completely dependent on the job description.

  • In addition to digital art, we also provide more traditional illustration options, such as pencil, pastel, oil paint, watercolor and much more.

    Note: Call for pricing.